Tantra, Love & Freedom – Retreat with Shivani @ Tu I Teraz, Kawkowo, Poland

Starts Setembro 28, 2017
Ends Outubro 1, 2017

19:00 - 15:00

Tu I Teraz, Kawkowo, Poland

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* Dance, Breath, Open the Heart, Feel your body, Access your energy. Enjoy OSHO Active Meditations & Tantric exercises that will help you to feel Love & Joy.
* Experience several therapies/techniques that will help you
to access your heart and the Power of Love:
Tantra – the science of Love;
OSHO Active Meditations, Bioenergetics,
Rebirthing, Dance, Breathing & Body Mind-body-heart awareness,
Energy & Chakras alignment.
English/Polish translation

♥ Tantra LoveWay Private Sessions with Shivani ♥
– Love & Life Coaching, Energy Chakra Alignment, OSHO & Holistic therapies.
– Individuals and Couples Therapy
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Shivani will share with you a path within the space of the Heart – LoveWay, offering you keys to open, awaken, live and explore Meditation, Energy Opening, Freedom, Energy’s Potential and Conscious Spirituality.

♥ You will experience a way of fully living in totality and consciousness, awakening and opening your heart; feeling Love from within and learning the Power of Love your energy and celebrating life! You will sense an increase of Love for yourself and others and a new experience of who you really are!

Our work is inspired in OSHO´s vision, Eckhart Tolle teachings and other masters. A Shamanic influence brings the awareness about the Earth & the Universe to our practice.
We share with you techniques that awaken the real power of Human Beings, the Energy, the Freedom of Being who you really are, the power of the Heart and Love energy and the transformational strength of the precious Present Moment, here & now!

♥ During Tantra LoveWay Workshops you will be able to feel a deeper level of Love and connection with yourself:
-Opening the doors of your heart, body energy, mind & spirit to welcome in Freedom, Relaxation, Expansion, Joy of Life & LOVE!
– Being free from patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from living your sex and love life to the fullest!
– You will acquire several Meditative and Energy “tools” to support your evolutionary journey.
– All of these techniques or non-techniques ☺ are inside of you…. we will awaken, sense, feel, experience and use them; opening space and establishing new ways for your energy to flow freely with awareness & love.

* How to access your energy, your potential and your heart energy.
* Your body-mind-spirit alignment and connection.
* Learning about the power of your heart and energy, in order to achieve a more fulfilling life.
* The expansion of Consciousness, the Presence within and Energy transformation.
* How to become more aware about who you really are.
* How to use your potential and the Kundalini energy to expand within.
*How to access your Heart energy and Love.
* How to Live in Freedom, Truth, Acceptance, Love and Consciousness,
* How to leave fear aside, unlocking blockages and relaxing in your heart.
* The realms of the heart concerning Acceptance, peace and love for yourself and others.
* The expansion of Consciousness, the Presence within and Energy transformation.

♥ During the Workshop we will explore several exercises and dynamics – individual, couples or in group – including OSHO Active Meditations, Guided Meditations, Ritual Trance Dance, Music, Dancing, Celebration, Breathing Exercises, OSHO Body Work Therapies, Emotional Release, Energy De-conditioning and Healing, Chakra´s Alignment, Energy Transformation in the space of the heart, working with acceptance and body relaxation.

Tu I Teraz

Facebook Group: Polska ♥ Tantra LoveWay z Shivani
SITE: www.tantraloveway.com
Private sessions with Shivani (also skype): info@tantraloveway.com
You Tube Channel: Tantra LoveWay
Facebook Page: Tantra LoveWay & OSHO Meditation

****** KNOW MORE about Tantra LoveWay and Shivani *

is a path in the highways of Infinite Love.
Tantra LoveWay develops group dynamics that overcome boundaries & promote love and connection between human beings. We share experiences that are able to awaken the Heart and to Expand Consciousness. We share OSHO Meditation, Celebration, happiness, freedom from patterns, emotional transformation, spiritual growth, awareness, presence, expansion & Love. The Tantric way to the heart is a path of acceptance, openness, connection, Love and Life Celebration.

Shivani is founder and Workshop leader of Tantra LoveWay, offering workshops in several countries in Europe and Brazil. She also gives private sessions of LoveWay- Holistic Therapy and Love Coaching- Tantra for couples. Inspired by OSHO and other masters/teachers, through Tantra LoveWay, Shivani shares the Tantric Vision of Opening the Heart and Living Love´s plenitude. She keeps an energy field trough Tantra LoveWay, where your heart can be touched, in a way that allows you to be more open, present and aware, contributing for the evolution of Human Consciousness and to new paradigms of Love, Friendship and Intimate Relationships. Shivani has a Law degree, worked in Consulting, Marketing and Events Organization. She has had training over the last 13 years in Portugal, Europe, USA, Brazil, Osheanic and India at OSHO Multiversity Poona and Dharamsala, in several areas from Yoga, Breathing and Meditation Techniques, Quantic Healing, Chakras Alignment, Body Therapies, Bioenergetics, Shamanism, Tantra, Energy Reading and Healing, etc. She is also an OSHO Primal Breath, OSHO Active Meditations and TANTRA facilitator, areas in which her main work is based. Since ever, she feels an inner energy that leads her to explore, to experience, to discover the human potential, to search for conscious evolution and to share it with others. Her greatest learning trough TANTRA, the Science of Love, was to feel the openness, the presence, the expansion and the conscious power of the heart, which opens us up to Existence, Healing, Consciousness, Spiritual growth and Infinite Love.

1-9 July Tantra Festival with Shivani @Tu I Teraz, Kawkowo, Poland

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