Tantra LoveWay

TantraLoveWay is a path within the space of the Heart, offering keys to open, awaken, live and explore Meditation, Energy, Sexual Energy Potential and Conscious Spirituality. It is a path of reunion with your Essence and release of blockages that prevent you from living with totality.

Shivani & Artvib lead workshops in Europe and Brazil, where they share the experience of entering the Heart Space, of Love and Consciousness Expansion, guiding groups in a process of Awakening and Deepening towards the Path of Love.

TantraLoveway is based on the Open Heart, Energy Flow, Awareness of the Precious Present Moment, Meditation and Celebration of Life in Liberty and Love. This is a work inspired by Osho’s Tantra vision.

You can find some texts about Tantra in the Medias Library, but don´t get lost in theory!
Instead feel and discover with your heart 🙂

If you want a Group Session, Workshop or Individual Sessions in your space or city, please contact us



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